My story

When I was young, I dedicated myself to competitive sports; for years I had pushed my body beyond its limitations whilst repeating the mantra “no pain no gain” - I had the perception that that was the only way forward. After going through the agony of several injuries including slipped vertebrae disc, dislocated shoulders, and an assortment of pulled muscles, I started looking for alternative ways to stay in shape. It wasn’t until I discovered Yoga that I started to develop a healthy relationship with my body.   


After seven years of practicing several types of Yoga, I decided to go to India in search of the true philosophy behind the ancient practice. It was at ShriKali, an ashram that taught traditional Tantra Yoga, where I learnt the principles of Yoga as a mind-body practice and received my Yoga Alliance teacher training certificate. Through Yoga (Āsana), I learnt that by letting go and relaxing, I can actually achieve more than by pushing or struggling to achieve some external measure. I learned to sense the Āsana instead of doing the Āsana. In Yoga, there are no trophies or accolades, instead I became the trophy; the award is my wellbeing. The experience is that of my true self, to unite with my sacred self, Yoga. In a relatively short time at the ashram, I went through a revelation; I have never felt happier, healthier and stronger – all of which was accomplished through relaxation.


It became my passion to share the ways of the traditional Tantric system and to teach my students to tune into their own bodies and intuitively flow through the Āsanas. Through teaching the practice, I hope to influence my students’ lives off the matt by teaching them how to flow through life as they do during the Āsanas - skilfully and efficiently.

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from Yoga Alliance

"I believe so many of us want to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives. Through Yoga, I was able to achieve that for myself and its my intention to to pass along this gift to you" 


Zeid Bataineh

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Student: What is the purpose of life?

Bhagavan: To be happy!

Student: and then what?

Bhagavan: Try it first

300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from Yoga Alliance

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