Office Yoga

Stress is a major contributor to inefficiency. When we are stressed, we are not optimizing our full potential; on the contrary, we are wasting energy on thoughts that, more often than not, have a negative impact on a situation. The common misconception that to be succesful one has to endure being stressed is simply not true; some of the most accomplished people in history have all extolled the virtues of being able to sit quietly and relax with their own thoughts as the most important ingredient to their success and creativity.


The opposite of stress is to relax. When we are relaxed, we are able to respond intelligently to external disturbances instead of reacting instinctively from a place of confusion and irritation. Many of us want to relax, but we simply have never been taught how to relax! Tantra Yoga's main take away is to teach people how to relax in every Āsana and in every situation.


Tantra Yoga is suitable for beginner and advanced students alike. The flow is gentle and teaches the student/employee to quiet the mind and meditate through Yoga.


Office Yoga sessions can be arranged in the clients’ office, or at any agreed location (park, beach, home, etc.). These sessions will help employees learn the valuable skill of relaxation on and off the matt. Contact me for more information and scheduling.

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