Tantra is a mix of two Sanskrit words roughly meaning “Essence of Essence”. “Tat” which is the root of the English word (That) or (Thatness), and “Atra” which means (Essence). Tat + Atra when put together becomes Tantra, according to Sanskrit grammar rules. Tantra is a science of life, and that’s why it’s impossible to define fully. How can you define the essence of life? Or the essence of the Self? Or the essence of the whole cosmos? These topics are infinite, and hence any attempt to define them will put limits on these infinite concepts. There are Tantrics in every traditional system and world religion - for example, Sufis are considered Tantric Muslims, and the current Dalai Lama is a Tantric Buddhist. Tantra is about life and our essential understanding of it; it tells us to look at life realistically, without our fears, without our confusions, without our conditionings - to truly look at life as it is.


What makes Tantra Yoga unique is the integration of Tantric concepts with Yoga Asanas. The ancient Tantric texts, such as the Vedas are far deeper than simply  fables or stories; they are manuals that contain the science of the ‘Self’ and the entire cosmos. Passed down through generations, this sacred knowledge is about living – it is not about intellectualizing – hence, it is to be actualized and not just contemplated. In order to do so, the practice has to be integrated into every aspect of our lives, not solely a mental exercise. 

To truly look at life realistically, without our fears, without our conditionings, that is the goal of Tantra. To see clearly and let go

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